Saturday, October 01, 2011

RangerMmm, cake for breakfast. It always seems like a good idea, but then it just doesn't sit right. I had spaghetti for breakfast yesterday. I used to do the poptart for breakfast thing, but I guess I got burned out on that. I need a breakfast food that I can count on - something quick and simple, yet something that gives me hope that it's gonna be a good day. I guess that's asking way too much from a meal. So, the weekend is upon us. I got to go see Dana Carvey at Winstar last night. That was good stuff. This morning maybe I'll ride my Ranger horse before I go to my CHL renewal class. He should be recovered from last weekend by now. You can see in the picture, he was too tired to run away. He just wanted to go home and rest! Then tomorrow is a benefit golf tournament in Fort Worth at Waterchase Golf CLUB. It's been awhile since THEY've let me into a club. Basically you either have to pay a zillion dollars to play at a club, or you have to go in the cover of a tournament. I haven't touched a golf club since I hit my hole in one, so hopefully something good will come back to me. And then hopefully I'll have time to make it to a Life Chain 'cause it's that time of year again.

Okay, yeah, I need to go move around and do something or this cake-for-breakfast thing might just make me ill. Hasta!

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linda.simons said...

My best breakfast food is a homemade burrito. I make a batch of them all at once with a can of refried beans, some breakfast sausage or ham bits, some grated cheese rolled into a four tortilla and stuffed into individual snack size zip baggies and put in the freezer. Sometimes I try to make them fewer calories with fat free beans and fat free cheese. They have a lot of protein and that helps me in the mornings.