Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me & Ranger and Lou & ApacheThe trail ride at Era went really well, but it's already Wednesday, so I guess it's time to start thinking about the next weekend on the agenda. Momma said not to live for the weekends, but I'm pretty sure she had to be kidding. I don't look so happy in this picture. There's really nothing on the agenda for this weekend, so I reckon we'll finally start doing some work at the rent house. It should be interesting 'cause everyone involved has different ideas about what needs to be done, how it needs to happen, etc. etc. We'll have to see how it goes, but I'm kinda shooting for moving in early January. Hmm, I sure do wish that place had a sidewalk from the driveway to the front porch. I wonder how much THAT'll cost me.

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Janette said...

We can lay the sidewalk ourselves, I mean, your grandpa and my brothers can. They did all the ones at the farm. And my dad has a cement mixer. And we all know who is going to get EXACTLY what they, er she, er I want! Now don't we? Heh. It's going to be SO great! You'll be as snug as a bug-in-a-rug. Mom speak.