Monday, December 19, 2011

Muenster Christmas Parade 1992

Yes, 1992, we have quite a few home videos from that year. It was around that time that we won a really nice camcorder at the church picnic. We never would have bought one at the time. Those suckers were expensive back then! But anyway, we had one, and we used it. So here I am as part of the Emerald Riders 4-H Club along with Rachel and Bo and Gina...and Honeycomb and Mollie. Sorry, I can't remember everyone's names, but I have a feeling you're not too concerned. Anyhow...yee-haw!


Prairie said...

Where was I? Happy Birthday to you! I have your present! :) Gonna try and be up there after Christmas. Want to go ride?

tank said...

Did you already have Honey then? I recall that back then we never knew if we'd have a trailer to use or not. Maybe you were stranded. I dunno about riding. I'm already going back to work today. Perhaps Saturday morning (New Years Eve) would work if you're around.