Saturday, December 31, 2011

So I did play golf yesterday. It was an ugly round. I also took the day off. I need months off, but a day with a weekend will have to do. We went to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". In a way, I don't like to admit how much I like it 'cause it's VERY R-rated. I was sad to see a boy of about 12 in the theater with his mother. WAAAY too young for it, says me. But, yeah, I really liked the movie, but folks ought to brace themselves for the sex and violence. It's not the usual violence or even the usual sex. In fact, in some ways I wish I could take back the fact that I saw it all. But then again, like I said, I did enjoy it. Earlier in the week, we saw "War Horse". The two movies don't really compare at all. I have to report that I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. Oh, it's a plenty good movie and quite well-made, but, eh. But that's just me.

And so it goes. Final day of what has been a pretty good year, even if I am about 20 lbs heavier than I was a year ago. No new year's resolutions for me. If I could make one, though, it'd possibly be to go on a date in the next year. I know, I probably shouldn't post such drivel, but, there, I've said it. This last day of the year will include some earth-moving activity to fill in the big hole in the yard at the rent house. Then later there will be a party at my Uncle Paul's house in Argyle. We prolly won't stay 'til the ball drops, so perhaps I'll have time to go have a glass of wine at Anne's. Many's the year where we've drank-in the new year with some lively card-playing. And I hate playing cards.

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Querida said...

Posting about possibly going on a date in the new year is not drivel. So there.