Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo Parade 2012 = OVER.
I think it went pretty well, myself. My horse was quite nervous, but that was expected. Really the only hitch was when he shook his bridle off while we were going over the Trinity River bridge. There was a flash of a moment when I pictured him galloping through the crowds all the way back to Muenster, but I was able to rein him in and fix the problem. The other two horses did really well, and it was lotsa fun. We were entry number 160 of about 179 entries. They required that each group have at least 12 riders in order to enter, so it was BIG. The Fort Worth Star Telegram said it was "Unusually nice weather", and it was for sure. Here's some pictures of the St. Jo Riding club in the parade. I'm in there somewhere.

So, we left town about 7:20am. We got there a little before 9:00am, and it seemed like we had to be the last ones to arrive 'cause the parking lots were already packed. We got saddled and mounted-up just a little before 10:00am when the lining-up process began. And then we sat. And sat. And waited. And pawed the ground in anticipation. The horses did the pawing. Anyway, at 11:54am we were STILL standing in the parking lot, but it wasn't too long after that when our name was called and away we went. The actual parade riding time was an hour, and we got back to our trailer around 1:30pm.


Ruedi and Whitney said...

that's SO cool! what was the occasion for the parade? just cause Ft. Worth wants to?

tank said...

This was the kick-off weekend for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I expect they've done the parade just about as long as they've had a rodeo. I've still never been to their stock show or rodeo, though. We tried a couple years ago and found out at the gate that you have to pay to get in. That makes sense for the rodeo, but I've never paid to get into a stock show before, so we said, eh, we've got better things to do than watching and smelling pigs.