Monday, January 23, 2012

Parade EndGreetings, fellow traveler. I hope your weekend went well. Mine was mostly filled with housework and with real work, and there was a basketball game thrown into the mix. My team played a much more competitive game this time around. The Blue Bombers - that is what they call themselves. I should try taking a picture at next week's game. That's a good idea. We checked on the house last night. Would you believe that there is a bathtub in there now?? I mean, it's sitting in the bedroom still in its crate, but hey, it's INSIDE the house and VERY close to the bathroom. The ceiling sheetrock has mostly been finished. Yes, I know, you're starting to get tired of hearing about this and house that. I just have to remember that when people ask me about how the house work is going and "Are you moved in yet," they're not trying to rub it in my face that it's taking so long. Maybe they really do care. Or maybe they're just being nosey. Or maybe they're just plain bored and looking for something to talk about to kill some time.

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