Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Images of America: Pilot Point" by Jay Melugin was published in 2009. Our copy is autographed to my mom with best wishes from the author. Pilot Point is about a an hour drive away from here to the southeast. I'm part of a small group of horsey riders that sometimes MeetUp there to ride around the town or at the nearby Lake Ray Roberts. Our main dive is Lowbrows on the square. Bob is always a most gracious host. In fact, we need to visit him again soon. But about the book - it's a picture book, so it's not tough to read. The impressive part is that everything is arranged chronologically, and there's not really any repetition with a lot of good information in the captions. I learned a lot. For instance, I knew the town had a Bonnie and Clyde Days each year - I even went for their parade once - but I didn't know that they do it because a bank robbery scene in the Bonnie and Clyde movie was filmed in their town. Very cool. On page 63, there is a person named Snow Flake Chance (1884-1963). What a great name! And then on page 68, there is a fly in the picture from 1901. I know, that doesn't seem like much, but I was impressed by it. Why? Hey, I don't have to explain myself. I just thought it was cool. This was a very good book - helps that I sorta know the town - but it's still be interesting to anyone who likes history.

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Janette said...

See this big grin?!? Imagine Lowbrows being mentioned on the David Letterman show!! Now THAT was unexpected! Your links are always interesting, for sure! Snow Flake Chance...Yes, that is such a great name! Was it a guy or a gal? If it was a guy, I bet he got into a lot of fist-fights. HA!