Thursday, January 05, 2012

More house talk is going on. I dunno. It must mean something. Perhaps we'll pick out the flooring and get that lined up this week, although I'm not exactly sure why 'cause it still seems that we're months away from being ready for the new floor.

My car was in the shop yesterday. Again. For the same problem. Occasionally it will just die on me. It makes it hard to do the quick get-aways needed in my line of work ;) Anyway, they may have fixed it this time, but the mechanic wasn't sure. If it doesn't work this time, I may need a $500 part. Isn't that fun. It's actually kinda funny 'cause about $500 is what I paid for it the FIRST time when they FAILED to fix the problem. This time wasn't quite so bad. We'll see.

In other news, I had a chant stuck in my head a few weeks ago. It went something like "ee, ee-ya. eee-ya." So then a few weeks later, I asked mom where in the world that came from. Was it an "I Love Lucy" episode? Was I just going crazy? But she had the answer. It's from The Proposal with Sandra Bullock. However, when I watched this scene, I got a whole new "chant" stuck in my head. Aww, skeet skeet!


Ruedi and Whitney said...

you should get a vespa!

tank said...

Ha. I'm way too large for one of them. But I saw a 3-wheeler the other day that I kinda coveted.

Ruedi and Whitney said...

coveted? i'm telling.