Saturday, January 07, 2012

Of course you remember the Big Storm of 2011. It happened in June, and it seemed like it just picked our town to pounce on. The most incredible part of the so-called micro burst was all the downing of many trees in the area. We lost this one at the rent house:
tree down
You can't really tell how big of a root ball that is, but it was a couple inches taller than me. I'm still not sure how the tree finally got out of the yard, but I know that local folks with tractors and other equipment were running around town helping folks, so I expect that explains it mostly. Anyway, it left a big, rocky hole in the middle of the backyard.
big hole
I spent quite a few evenings picking up and hauling rocks. The whole yard is one giant rock just below the surface, but I had to try. And finally last weekend, I believe it was on New Year's Eve, we hauled in dirt by hand with only the help of mom's truck and our trusty shovels.
filled hole
Sorry about the darkness. It's just that time of year. The time where they lock me up from sunrise to sunset, kinda like Fiona before her curse was broken. Wait, no, Fiona was locked up at night. But I'm pretty much an ogre all the time! Anyway, I just wanted to report that some progress had been made, even if it doesn't count as house progress. They tell me that the plumber is going to do his thing starting next week, and then they will start sheet-rocking the ceiling. At least they have a plan. But can we believe them?


linda.simons said...

If you're going to live there, you've got to be thinking of a new name for this house--Rent House just won't work. Maybe something with Cottage or Manor or Mansion in the title? Hmm, that might sound a bit too British. But I'm sure you could come up with something. :-)

tank said...

How about the "Love Shack"? We'd even have our own pre-made theme song! Hmm...back to the drawing board. For now.