Saturday, February 18, 2012

kitchenMany things are happening quickly. I'm filling out my change of address form now and putting the start date as March 1. Painting will start Monday and go for 3 days before the painter has to go back to the other job that he's working. If he doesn't get finished in the 3 days, well, it could still be a little while. But if he does finish the painting, then I can get the furniture folks to deliver the fun stuff, and then we will have a couch on which to sit!! It seems like just overnight that they got the kitchen cabinets and sink put in. The bathroom sink also magically appeared along with a new frosted window in the bathroom, all the quarter-rounds along the ceiling and floor, and cabinets above and beside the stove. What we need to do before Monday is get the bed back in there so the guys can put some paint on that, too. The excitement level is finally where it ought to be. And I'm relieved that mom finally got the paints and tiles picked out. She stressed over it for days and had samples spread out everywhere. That stuff doesn't matter a bit to me. The toilet matters quite a lot, in my opinion, and I'm anxious to see that go in. I guess it'll happen after the painters do their thing. A little extra plumbing will have to be done 'cause the plumber forgot to bring the water through the wall for the potty! But that should be easily fixed. A little snag came up with my heat stove location being too close to the thermostat, so we're looking into getting that moved across the room. The move requires a new gas valve to be installed, which makes me GRRR, but it shouldn't take too long. The sad thing is, I prolly won't even need the heater 'til next fall at this point! Ah, well. It'll be good to have it DONE. So that's what we're about to go work on. We're gonna go to Heffley's to make sure we have everyone on the same page. Prolly we will also need to go get some blinds for the windows, too. WHEW. I'm sure I've worn you out with this extended update, but things really are looking up with the house business.

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