Thursday, February 23, 2012

bedroomThis picture, it is old news. It was taken on Monday. They had primer on the walls then. Now all the painting appears to be completed. Even the bed got its coat of paint. I hope the tile guys aren't too slow, but I guess it doesn't really matter. Now they'll start installing the important stuff a/k/a the fridge and microwave. Vital items for survival! We have dates now. March 3 is a biggie. That's when the furniture will come. March 5 is the installation of the heat stove. Due to complications with venting issues and the location of the AC setup, we had to change plans for the livingroom arrangement. It took a couple days to figure out how to make everything work out, but it should be good. So the other date of importance is March 13. That's when I plan to be moving. I have the advantage of being able to move slowly, just the stuff I need at first, and then I can get the rest here and there. Or, shoot, maybe I'll be all moved by then. We shall see. But it's less than a month away, so that is nice. I'll get you the painted pictures when I get around to it.

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