Saturday, April 21, 2012

ChesterAfter a week, all is still well with the animals. Chester is doing his usual morning exercises, running around the house at full speed. Annie had a rough time the other day when I took her out to the farm. She touched an electric fence and took off like a shot. She might have gotten lost for good, but my aunt found her. I'm thinking that she may never be the best kind of dog for taking out with the horses. I'm concerned that she might get on the scent of something and just take off after it. I 'spect that's why fox hunters "ride to" the hounds instead of riding "with" them. Hounds have their own agenda - sniff, hunt, find. But I guess I can pretend to be a fox hunter now!

And so today is the county convention - Republican, that is. I wonder if the Democrats are having one, too. I'm supposed to go early to help sign people in at the door. I'm not sure how I end up with these jobs. But it's alright. This is my 2nd county convention to attend. The last one wasn't overly fun. But we'll figure out today who gets to go to the state convention in June.

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