Sunday, April 22, 2012

flowersToday looks like a good day for a golf tournament. It's a good thing there is one. Gotta support the Meals-on-Wheels.

I dunno what these flowers are called. They belong to mom.

Yup, I am going as a delegate to the state convention in June. Which reminds me of what one wise person once wrote of me in a poem, "She goes to conventions and never gets detentions." I got detention not long after that was written. Ha. Never say never. What did I get it for, you ask? Leaving my pencil bag in the English teacher's classroom. I must've been a freshman. I'm not sure if she made me serve out my sentence or not, though.

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Janette said...

Oh, those are dianthus. The blue/purple ones are periwinkles, I think! Vines, they are.