Tuesday, April 24, 2012

flowersI wish I knew more about flowers. And grasses. And trees. And birds. But I've made progress with the birds. I saw a red-winged blackbird yesterday whose wing wasn't red yet, but I still knew what it was because I've actually learned stuff over the past couple years. That may be all I've learned about, though. Well, birds and politics. I've learned a lot about politics. Like how our election system does NOT work. For example, the fact that our delegate strength is determined by how many people voted for the winning gubernatorial candidate in the last election. If you thought change sounded like a good idea, you just cost your precinct a delegate. I vaguely understand why they'd have a system like that - because not everyone who votes in the Republican primary is a Republican, and they want to somehow weed out the ones who aren't. I guess maybe I'm not then? You're only a real Republican worthy of representation if you voted for Perry. I don't mind if they don't embrace me. I'm still gonna keep on messin' with 'em, though, just to keep 'em on their toes. But I'd best keep on learning. It helps.


linda.simons said...

probably Foxglove Penstemon. Or some other member of the Penstemon family. Beautiful, and they're out here in Dallas too.

tank said...

Is that because they have "five" flowers on their "stems"...PENT-STEMons? At least that's how I read it ;)