Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dumb blogger and their dumb changes that make me use Chrome. Hey, I like Chrome, I use it lots, but it doesn't have a tab for feeds like Explorer does. But Sarah, why don't you just use Google feeds like everyone else? NO. no. And there's some code missing from the new picture uploader, too. It took out the "alt" option where you could give your photo a mouse-over text thingy. This did not make my day, I'm just sayin'. AND their HTML forces the use of code just to make a new paragraph. COME - ON!

So this is Chester again. He goes outside sometimes when I'm watching him. He stalks the birds, climbs the trees and thinks about running far away. Maybe someday he can stay outside for longer, but he does not exhibit a healthy fear of the dog, and I don't want him to get chomped out of ignorance.

So today is the beginning of Germanfest. Of course the official opening ceremonies aren't until tomorrow, but the party starts today with the carnival rides in operation. I kinda wish it was a Mexican-fest. That way we could have siesta time each day. The inevitable exhaustion frightens me, but I'm pretty sure that survival is possible. Woo, party!

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Ruedi and Whitney said...

mmm ... schnitzel and sausages.