Friday, April 27, 2012

This is an example of some of mom's handy photography skills. It's her dog, "B". Not bad, eh?

I can't believe my desk hasn't come yet. I thought for sure that they'd try to deliver it this weekend, and I guess they might still. Their policy is to call between 5pm and 6pm the day before they want to deliver. And they come this way on Saturdays, so today could be the day that they call. Yeah, except that this is about the WORST weekend they could pick, so of course it will end up being thatta way. I guess next Saturday wouldn't be all that great, either. It's just no good to have a 3 hour window where you have to sit at home and wait. And of course they come at the very end of the window. Rant Rant, but it's really difficult to type on this tall table. And I really can't wait to get my paperwork in an organized state. Sigh.

As for "B", I think maybe he thought that he was my dog. The other night I took Annie over to visit him, and he howled and carried on when we left. I walked him sometimes, but he was always mom's dog. Annie's a lot easier to love. But I don't love that she digs holes.

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