Sunday, April 29, 2012

I got my hair did by the Hair Halo lady from Celina. I'm pretty sure it dropped my internal temperature about 10 degrees to have my hair up. Very nice! All has been going well with the German festivities. Business has been booming. My feet hurt, my voice sounds rough...yup, all is well. I didn't see too many unusual things this year, although I didn't see much but the inside of our booth 'cause of our extreme busy-ness, but on my way out last night, one of my little basketball boys stopped me to show me the small toilet that he'd won. He said the purpose of it was to scare girls. Ha.

We (me and Kristen) were trying to figure out how many years we've been working the fest, and I don't think we ever reached a conclusion. I'm pretty sure that I did not work in 2006. So it is possible that the fun began in 2007, so this could be my 6th year. That sounds about right. Of course, that's just working in the food selling. Back in junior high I used to buss tables. But 6 years - I'm a newbie compared to most of them. But I think I've finally gotten the hang of it. Come see me today at the Wurst Haus!

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