Monday, April 30, 2012

We had our hair halos re-done at the beginning of the day yesterday. That's Elise on the stool and her older sister Emily behind her. They are Mark's two oldest children (not kids, he says), and they are the reason I took the time out to make it over to the hair booth. I'm glad I did. These gals are certain to take my place in the sausage workforce in a few years. They already know how to run the cash registers (with just a little oversight for Elise), and they are hard workers. Just like their Aunt Anne.

So this week has a meeting every evening on my schedule, but I may have to skip them all if I wanna try to have a horse ready for the big trail ride in Era next weekend. And I gotta schedule the annual vet and groomer appointments for the dogs. Or maybe I should just return my dog 'cause SHE WON'T STOP DIGGING HOLES! My plan is to keep feeding her 'til she gets fat and lazy (like me). Then the digging will slow down. Right? Right.

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