Wednesday, May 02, 2012

People are funny. The festival gives me opportunity for people-watching and for some actual human interaction! One little situation this year has stuck with me. A lady walks up to our booth during a slow time, and she picks up a napkin. About that same time I notice a stray blob of potatoes on our buffet line trey-holder thing. The lady takes that napkin, wraps up that blob of potatoes and hands it to me without a word. I say, "Thank you," and away she goes without a word. It's rare enough for our customers to care if they spill stuff out there...I'm just still trying to figure her out. Would I have done what she had done - just help some folks out randomly? Or was she just O.C.D. and couldn't handle the mess? In conclusion, I did not eat enough potatoes and sausage at the fest this year. The end.

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