Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So I was reading the Bible the other day, and I was in this chapter that was going on and on about how worthless and useless idols are. God's people were being taken away to Babylon, and the warning was being given to them so that they wouldn't worship any of those man-made gods that have to be made and fed and dressed and moved and set back upright if they fall over. Anyway, I ran across this verse that made me chuckle.
They trick them out in garments like men, these gods of silver and gold and wood; but though they are wrapped in purple clothing, they are not safe from corrosion or insects.
Do you see that? "Tricked out"? Lol. Don't tell me you haven't heard folks say, "Yo, that car is tricked out!" I always thought it was funny and just made up, but I guess that phrase is older than I thought. Anyway, the quote comes from Baruch 6:10b-11. I was gonna cross-check that to see if other translations use the same words as the NAB, but, well, I finally realized that Baruch is an apocryphal book and isn't in my other copy of the Bible. I can tell you that the Douay-Rheims version does not say "tricked out". I thought the quote came from Jeremiah 'cause Baruch comes right after that book in order, and they sound about the same in content and in the way they are written. I'm not sure why it would be excluded. Sigh. See, I've read all the books of the Apocrypha, of course, and none of them seem to contradict with the others that are more accepted. The only exception might be in Maccabees which is more history than doctrine because it's clear that the people are, for the most part, pretty far from God at that point. But enough with the hermeneutics. Don't you find it amusing, too? Tricked out? Blah ha ha ha!

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Janette said...

Beautiful "Jospeh's Coat" roses--also from the Bible--and their coat of many colors. Yup, I caught your little "trick"!! Heh.