Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Aunt Lynda gave me this cookie jar. She got it from my grandma. And we'd just been mentioning how I needed a cookie jar and how a kitty one would be the best option. Now I just need curtains on my bedroom window and earplugs. It's not the neighbor's fault that their carport works like an amphitheater to project the sound right through my bedroom wall. Or is it?? Sigh. I wish I'd slept more last night. Of course there's always the next night. Or there's always the couch. But I really do like my new cookie jar. That kitty is much sweeter than Mr. Chester, but Chester is catching up. He's getting more lovey-dovey, but he still finishes off most of his hugs with a bite.


Ruedi and Whitney said...

does this mean you are gonna make some cookies?

tank said...

Doubtful. It's already filled with cheap vanilla cookies!