Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chester! That yellow wall makes you look a little yeller there, cato. Meow-Mix. So, after another vigorous round of volleyball action, I pause here at the computer while waiting for my internal workings to go back to "normal" after my once-a-week for-serious work-out. It makes me think that I should run some in between the Wednesdays, but my joints ain't gettin' less worn down, you know. Anyway, it's been a busy work week, what with trying to help finance golf courses all over the country. Apparently the bid was lost, and it was all for naught, but sometimes that's the way the ball bounces. Now it's back to hunting down those ner-do-wells and stealers and cheaters. I don't talk about work much on here. There are limits, of course, to what I can say, and I'm surprised that I can keep mum. I used to be quite the talker. I think? I can't really remember how I used to be. So we look to the future. Tomorrow I gotta help Pauline put the yearbook together for the county's Republican women's club. She does pretty much all of the work; I just help some with the computerized end. Then Friday I'm supposed to maybe hang out with Anne and Scott. Saturday I hafta pick up my election supplies at the courthouse. Sunday is Cousin Suzy's party in Granbury. Tuesday I get to work the elections. And then we'll be back to Wednesday and another evening of volleyball. Yup, I sound busy enough. Chester keeps me busy. Come visit me on election day. It's my social day of the year!

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Janette said...

What a pretty boy he is!! Hey, aren't you playing in a golf tournament on Saturday? I can go to Gainesville and get your election supplies, you know. You forgot to mention about going to the Dinosauer Park on Monday morning. And I'm off Tuesday to help you. And Wednesday Bob & I go to his diabetic check-up in Las Colinas, so I only work part of a day that day. It's gonna be a busy weekend! But nice to be off!