Monday, May 07, 2012

Trail riding with porta potties - must be the bi-annual Era trail ride hosted by the Masonic Lodge. From left to right is Billy on Ben, the navy blue shirt is me on Gabby, the gray shirt is Emily on Apache, and the pink shirt is Loren on Ranger. Lucky is still too lame to be ridden. Apache is having issues, too, and he wouldn't have made it on the 2nd half of the ride, but fortunately mom was there at the lunch spot to take us home. We're all too soft, I guess. Yes, that is what we are. I know that I am too soft. But we had a pretty okay ride on Saturday. A man fell off his mule right behind us, so that wasn't exactly good for Emily's psyche, this being her 3rd ride and her 1st BIG ride. It was hotter than usual. And the ponds along the ride were a bit lower than they usually are. Yup, summer is here early this year.

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