Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kitty kisses.

Mom came over on Sunday so we could watch High School Musical with my fancy new setup, and just before she got here, I heard running water coming from the area of the water heater. I looked out the back door to see if maybe something was running out there, but I didn't see anything amiss. But the sound kept going, and so I made the rounds again, and by this point the water was steadily flowing out from under the house. Crap. So we called the plumber, and he graciously came over on a Sunday afternoon to fix my gushing water problem. Fortunately it was a pretty easy fix, and all is as it should be now. And it's VERY fortunate that I was at home when it happened. As for High School Musical, I find it odd that I just happened to be watching A Walk to Remember just before the other movie, but the plots were eerily similar. Jock guy, nerd girl, end up doing the school play together... But hasn't little Zac Efron grown a bit since he did the Disney thing back in 2006? I still haven't seen him in The Lucky One, but I need to get that done.

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Ruedi and Whitney said...

'the lucky one' was pretty ok. there are a few unnecessary toosh shots of young efron that kinda make you feel awkward cause he's just a wee-one. but what do you do?!? cover your eyes!