Sunday, June 17, 2012

While I was out of town last weekend, they finally decided to bring my desk. Fortunately my momma was house/pet sitting, so she was here to point to where they should set it up. I like it lots. I guess it was worth the wait. I'm pretty sure I ordered it near the end of March. I was getting a bit frustrated. I had said that when I got my desk in and set up that I'd planned to do a video tour of the house. I guess I ought to do it some time soon. The camera takes pretty lousy video, so it's not really worth the time it'll take for production. But we'll see.


Janette said...

You ordered it February 24th. It took 15 weeks and 1 day to arrive. I wonder why your white mini-blinds in the windows came out looking like white painted wall in this picture? Looks funny. The blue seems lighter, too. Strange. I like the desk, too. It looks great in there, and it fits perfectly. You did a good job measuring and ordering.

Ruedi and Whitney said...

That desk is real nice!

I want a video tour.