Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Here's something you don't know - I have a necklace made out of Chic-fil-A chicken nuggets to keep the gays and lesbians away, kind of like a garlic necklace keeps the vampires away" - Hal Jay

Come on, I don't care who you are (sexually), that's just funny. Speaking of current events, I have to admit that I failed miserably in the immediate aftermath of the Colorado shooting. I guess I've gotten so used to shooters including themselves on the list of the deceased, but this one happened to survive, and I pronounced the death sentence on him quite quickly. And I'm still not sure that there's any hope for him, but perhaps someone will have the chance to share the gospel with him.

It was in the news that the parents' lawyer said that the parents stand by their son. There are almost no words to describe my disappointment with that. I'm not so much disappointed with the fact that a parent would stand by a son through thick and thin, but I am sad that the lawyer turned that into their first "official" statement. And as for whether they should be standing by their son, I would personally want my own parents to NOT do that if I ever committed an act of violence for no apparent reason. I don't want my parents to stand by me in my sinful acts, big or small.

LOL, and to the people talking gun control in all its various forms, I offer this:


Janette said... know what they say: Love the sinner; hate the sin. I would probably stand by you no matter what. Your link was funny! Did you make that up yourself?

tank said...

I assume you mean from the picture. No, I didn't make that video.