Thursday, July 26, 2012

Grandpa seems to be doing better. They said that they're planning to move him into the swing bed program today so that he can do some rehab and get some of his strength back. But the big family party coming up on Sunday for his 85th birthday was cancelled. I can't believe it's Thursday already.

These are Gates' sheep. He has lots more babies on the way, too. I got to hold one.

Last night at volleyball we had 15 people!! I can't remember the last time that happened!! Sometimes we struggle just to find 5 people.

So tonight is finally the opening ceremony for the Olympics. Did you see the one about the Greek triple jumper who was kicked off the team for RE-tweeting a mildly racist joke? I myself also said a higher percentage of dumb things when I was 23. So, would our country have made the same decision to cut her from the team? I wonder. Probably not. Number one because we REALLY like to win. And number two because everyone seems to be focused on Ann Romney's horse. Speaking of horses, we found out that Lucky has ringbone. Basically it's like arthritis in a human wrist, and it limits mobility, causes pain, and is degenerative (won't get better). So he's not gonna be good for riding anymore. Also, Apache's problem seems to be with his hip, so we're still not sure if he'll ever be sound again. Ranger did founder this Spring, and now he's pretty tender footed. Who would have thought that Gabby would outlast the others. So I'm thinking of taking Rita's horse to train. She's 5 years old and is halter broke but has never been saddled. It would be a good project, but it'll take some patience. And some time. We'll see.


Janette said...

What would our country have done? Well, in the past, I might have cited free speech and all that. But lately our supreme court justices seem to have been taken over by aliens or something...Oh wait, is that wrong? I might be kicked out of Texas...But maybe we will secede first!

Prairie said...

Poor Lucky! He and Star can limp around together with their ringbone. Can you see them lifting hooves to compare? I think our babies are just getting old. :(