Friday, July 27, 2012

I spent some time yesterday scanning old pictures from 1982 and 1983. That's when I lived at this house previously. I'm trying to put a before-and-after book together. So this is one of those pictures. That's my garage in the background. The dog is Dumplins. There sure was a lotta grass in the yard back then.

I'm excited about watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympic Games today. I was looking at all the providers that are supported for online streaming of the games, and Nortex is even listed. Way to go, local folks! But I will be signing on with my Directv account 'cause I don't know that I have a Nortex password. And the most exciting part, of course, is that we can now watch ALL of the equestrian events! But you know, it's all jumping and dressage, and both are plenty entertaining, but it may be time to get some new events. I think an endurance race would be a good one. I dunno about any of the events with cattle, but surely a few speed events would add some interest - barrels, poles...I dunno. AND they could definitely have mounted shooting, since they already have shooting in there as a sport. I'm not entirely convinced that it IS a sport, but that's another story.

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