Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yessir, yessir, these old pictures are lotsa fun. I kinda miss that floor that was in here. We went from fake bricks to fake wood, but it's all good. But what impresses me the most is that I scanned all of these pictures into mom's laptop, but I had nothing to save them on to get 'em to my computer. So we brought her compy over here, click-click-boom and we were connected to the wireless; another couple of clicks later I zipped my pictures along the network in the air. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? And how is it possible that technology is still amazing me. I mean, I mess with it every day. It's a major tool in my line of work. But still, it gets me. And then I turned on the Olympics streaming on her computer, my computer, and the TV all at the same time. I plan to do a lotta streaming 'cause there are so many countries competing that don't get shown on the TV, and they're just more fun to watch than our Americans, and here is why: Our people are pretty much used to being on a big stage, ya know? I mean, look at our basketball guys. They all have played many times in front of thousands of people for millions of dollars. But some of the guys from the smaller countries, man, this is the big time for them. I was watching some fencing, and these gals were really getting into it - jumping up and down when they'd make a point, and the winner kissed the floor (not recommended). Anyway, I'm lovin' it. And I was watching the Dressage yesterday, and one horsey pooped. That's not impressive, obviously, but I noticed that the poo was GONE when the next horse/rider came out to compete. Oh, to be a lowly pooper-scooper at the Olympic Games! I want to sign up. You think I'm kidding, but I'm totally not.

Grandpa is getting to come home for 4 hours today to celebrate his 85th birthday, but he's still gotta stay at the hospital for an undetermined amount of time. I also have an aunt in the hospital in Denton. Her cancer came back.

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Janette said...

I'd say that was Christmas morning, 1982, when you were just 1 year & 3 days old. The rug is by the front door, for reference. I think that toy was called "Little Tykes Wagon and Friends," and each animal had wheels, too, like the wagon.