Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi there. I will catch you up on the happenings now. So, on Saturday was the Saint Jo parade and another round of rodeo action. Dad rode with me. Lemme tell ya, it was HOT. At the rodeo, both a bronc and a bucking bull attempted to jump OUT of the arena, and the bull actually made it! Fortunately they both did this on the back side of the pen so they didn't end up in the stands with the audience. That would have been bad. Front row seats aren't always what they're cracked up to be, eh? Earlier in the day, we went to see "Total Recall" at the movies, and I thought it was pretty fun.

Sunday we went to Denton to visit my Aunt Kitty in the hospital. Uncle Dennis and Cousin Lara were there, too. We then went to see "Men in Black III". "Why did the President steal my chocolate milk?" Blahahaha. I guess you'll have to see it to understand.

Okay, let's see - then Monday we went to visit Grandpa in the hospital again. Also while we were there, we visited my Great-Aunt Evelyn who had a heart attack last week.

Tuesday the air conditioner man came to do a check-up for me. He confirmed that everything was working fine. I wasn't surprised. Then I played a little golf, and I actually hit a lady with my ball on a drive on hole #5. I felt kinda bad, but she was nice enough about it. I ended up shooting a 44 on 9.

Alright, Wednesday...well, there was volleyball. Some of the gals had too much vodka snow cones to be very competitive, but I guess we all got some exercise out of it. I watched the season finale of Dallas, and it was okay. Does that mean it's about time for regular shows to start back up again? I do hope so.

And yesterday was pretty slow. I showed up to sign my name to the official election results. It's kinda a silly formality. And I went to the Walmart. Oh, and we set a heat record at 108 degrees - a record for the day, and it was also the hottest day of the year.

So that's that, I expect. We've got the Forestburg rodeo coming up. See you there.


Prairie said...

When's the rodeo? Can I invite myself??

Janette said...

Oh Prairie, when you posted it was 6:44 and Sarah was already on her way to Forestburg (she left my house at 6:00). She spent that night at Mona's and then gave Mona and her horse a ride into town for the parade at 10:30 a.m. Bob & I drove over there for that, then ate the BBQ lunch with them. We went to Mona'a for a while, then came home, but Sarah and Mona went back for tonight's rodeo. Sarah will come home tonight; might already be there by now. Sorry you missed out. We didn't know until the last minute, though, if Bob would ride with Sarah or not (he's been off work all week with a bad foot). And my e-mail account was hacked and I just got back on last night, and just now read this post.

Prairie said...

Ah well! We ended up going to visit the in-laws. Next time! :)