Saturday, August 04, 2012

Gabby was fairly good last night at the Saint Jo Rodeo. I'm telling you this so I don't have to text it to mom, 'cause she was wanting to know. He was calm and good trailering, but when we'd leave the trailer, I could tell that he was thinking that maybe he could find his pasture buddies back there, so I guess you could say he was a little trailer sour. He got prancy during the grand entry, but he wasn't really bad. The only real hitch was when I was loading him in the trailer so that I could go watch the rest of the rodeo. I decided to open only one of the doors for him to come in through, and he bumped his left side pretty hard on the closed door because he's old and stiff and fat and clumsy. He's probably a little bruised there, but it shouldn't affect him for today's parade. He was a little tender on the rocks, but not too bad. No mom, I didn't use your new water buckets because I already had some water for him, but he didn't drink any. He did get a drink before we left the farm, though. Umm, and we need to get some fly spray and some Vetericyn. Yup, that's kinda a plug for Vetericyn, but the stuff really does work, and it's good for all animal ouchies - dogs, cats, etc. Okay, I guess that's all for today. Oh, and the rodeo starts at 8pm. Some thought it was 8:30, but it's 8.

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I wanna go!! :)