Friday, August 03, 2012

So the elections went well, but that is kinda old news. I wanted to show you the nifty device that we got to use this time. It's a barcode scanner for voter registration cards. It worked beautifully! I admit that I was very skeptical. You see, we could already scan drivers licenses, and most people have those with them because they've heard so much about the photo ID law that I reckon they already assume that it's law. Maybe not. Anyway, I didn't realize how many folks brought their voter cards. Yup, it was almost as cool as being a checker-outer at a grocery store.

It's rodeo time in Saint Jo tonight! I went last night and helped some with setting up the concessions stand. If you go, you should buy some tea, because they have a ton of it. Or Dr. Pepper - they have lots of that, too. I kinda like being a member of the club. I still don't really know too many of the folks, though.

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