Monday, August 27, 2012

There's only one more rodeo parade on the schedule for this season, and that's Henrietta in two weeks. It's a long drive on a Thursday, so I'm still not sure if the club is going to do it. I'll find out next week at the meeting. I meant to ride yesterday, but it was clear that rain was on its way, so I got in about 30 minutes of fishing instead. And the rain was lovely all day yesterday!

And apparently school starts again today. That normally means that I have to leave home 5 minutes earlier just to make the left turn onto the highway. However, I no longer live on the same street as the school, so maybe it won't affect me at all. That'd be nice.

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Janette said...

The rain was SUPER nice, but I saw the horses this evening and they were all big ol' mud-balls.

Doug told me that last Saturday he was ploughing the field just west of the Bottom Pond and he saw one of the sorrels either being chased by the Paint or just what, he didn't know, but he said that the red horse went into the pond right about in the middle of the pond dam and the Paint right behind, and they both went just about straight down the middle of the pond. He said he didn't think they were swimming, but that the water was up to their backs. Maybe they were doing to get the flys off their bellies; they are lousy with them.