Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surely you've heard that little gaff our President made when he said, "You didn't build that." In the same paragraph, he went on to say that "government research created the Internet." I find that to be a bit more of a stretch than the first statement, but getting to my point...

I was watching bits and pieces of the Republican Convention yesterday, and a commentator was saying that "if you have a drinking game centered around the phrase 'We Built It', then you're going to have alcohol poisoning by the end of the night."


BOTH statements bother me. Now, obviously it wasn't a wise thing for Mr. Obama to say what he said 'cause quite a few folks took it personally. And his point seemed to be that the government built your business. On the other hand, it raises the question - who really did build "that"? The Republicans (under the leadership of a MORMON whose "church" teaches a work-based message for salvation) are saying that WE built it. And I'm not so sure that's true, either.

What's not being said is that God gave us what we have. He built us, so whatever we build, either individually or as a nation, He still gets the credit. You won't see me waving a sign that says "I built it." And I do hope they don't try to base the whole campaign around that phrase. Of course, I don't really have a business, so I reckon I'm not part of the discussion at all. But I still thought I'd offer my 2 cents.

In other news, my great-aunt died yesterday, so I guess I'll be going to another funeral later this week. This was my mom's mom's sister. Thursday is our local day to give blood - just a reminder. And Friday is the first home football game of the season. Yes, I do mean high school. Yes, I know I'm 30 now. I'll be 31 soon. My peers' kids are just about into junior high. Can I be behind in a race that I'm not even running? Perhaps I'll ponder that one at the cross country meet.

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