Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Yesterday afternoon consisted of writing thank you cards for those who gave stuff during Grandpa's funeral. It took eight of us about 4 hours. That should be a clue as to how thankful we are! Lotsa people cared about my grandpa and still care about his kids and grandkids. That is a wonderful thing.

So I didn't go to the football game or to the cross country meet. It's been hot again, so I've been doing a lot of lazing around. But that's all supposed to change on Friday. I'm pretty sure I can make it that long. This is a 4-day week, after all. It could be a 3-day week if the riding club decides to do the Henrietta parade on Thursday, but I think everyone's turned off by how far a drive it is. Parades on weekdays are kinda silly. Reckon I'll find out what the plan is this evening at the meeting.

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Janette said...

I thought Decatur was this week and Henrietta was next week? It will soon be cooler; I can't wait!