Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It appears that Ms. Evanovich is about to release book #19, so I have some ground to cover from the past few years. I also need to somehow find book #13 because I had to skip it and move straight to this one. "Fearless Fourteen" was fun enough. You know, Stephanie Plum likes to keep a bag ready with her bounty hunting supplies. It has some handcuffs, pepper spray, but most importantly, she always has cheese doodles in her bag. I assume those are like cheese puffs. Either way, it's food. I should be as smart. I was out trying to serve some papers yesterday, and it was a very rural location and I didn't wanna come back again, so I figured I'd sit there awhile and wait. Call it a stakeout if you wanna. Anyway, food would have been nice. Unfortunately the story ends with me finally looking more closely at the papers I was trying to deliver and realizing that I was at the person's old address and that I'd driven all the way out there and waited around for nothing. Ahh, such is the life. I thought that me and Ms. Plum would have a lot in common, but I'm not so sure after she was played by Katherine Heigl on the big screen. And I guess I'm okay with that. Lemme know if you can lend me #13. K-thanks.

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