Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Greetings, earthlings. How can a week pass so quickly? This weekend should have felt extra long with the rainy, lazy weather, but I reckon it was pretty average. I guess I didn't leave the house at all on Saturday. We need to not make a habit of that, though, 'cause I at least need to get out and get some exercise. The picture - my Uncle Doug and Aunt Lynda gave me the feeder, and I finally got to see some of the birds that empty it in less than 24 hours. I'm not sure why the birds in this neighborhood are so hungry. Perhaps the doves have been thinned out by now, what with the hunting season being on and all. The picture is almost a month old already (taken 09/07/2012). So maybe I'll see you this weekend at the homecoming game or perhaps at the Psalm 119 Conference or maybe even at the Life Chain on Sunday.

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Janette said...

Your dad had fun at the game last night (honored for graduating 50 years ago!), and I enjoyed going to Keller with you today for the Conference, and getting to eat Mexican for lunch with Luke & Lou and their toddler. See you at the Life Chain tomorrow!