Monday, October 08, 2012

I finished another one. I've only got three to go to get caught up. "Finger Lickin' Fifteen" (2009) by Evanovich involves the murder of a BBQ cook-off champion. The motive for the murder was a bit of an afterthought, and that kinda bugged my inquisitive mind throughout the book, but otherwise it was a fun enough story. And on Saturday I drove past a really big, live BBQ cook-off!

So the weekend went well. The Tigers won their homecoming football game, and dad went out on the field with his fellow 1962 graduates. 50 Years ~ Whew! And on Saturday mom went along with me to the Psalm 119 Conference. Last year it lasted two days, and this year they had to smush everything into only one day, but it was still good. And yesterday was the Life Chain, and I'm pretty sure it's never been that cold for one before, even when I did the ones in Colorado Springs and Cedar Rapids. But somehow they got a lot of high school kids to participate, so that was nice.

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Janette said...

I can't believe I forgot all about the Life Chain! I mean, I remembered earlier in the day, but then got busy and just never thought about it again. Yes, I have been to many where the temperatures were quite on the hot side, so the cold would have been nicer, for me. Too bad I missed it!

I wonder when the next (#2) Evanovich book-based movie will come out?