Monday, October 22, 2012

Even if the book doesn't require much brain power, I still feel like I'm making mental accomplishments every time I finish another book. One thing I really wish is that I would have recorded every book I've ever read. I only just began the posting of book reviews on here at some point in college, so we'll say about 11 years ago. That's a terribly long time to keep something going, but I know that I read more books back in high school. And those were, you know, lots of the classics off of those lists that they told you everyone MUST read. Do the young folks of today still read? I see no evidence. But I'm not a teacher or a parent, so I reckon that's not my problem ;)

"Sizzling Sixteen" was written by Janet Evanovich in 2010. This one was pretty good with the action, but there hasn't been much sex in the last few books. I seem to remember some of the earlier books being quite steamy. The fried chicken and doughnut diet is getting old, but maybe I just need to take a little break from the Stephanie Plum books. I've been reading another book for like a year, but I'm still not even halfway through it. Sigh. It's not making me smarter, anyway. Reading should make a person smarter. Please, for my birthday, send me a book that will make me smarter. If all 3 of my readers send me one, I should be set for a whole year at my reading speed.


Ruedi and Whitney said...

i'll find you a book. can it have pictures?

tank said...

Of course!