Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So we buried my cousin Tommy yesterday. It will be another month before we have the "official" answer as to why he fell down that 80 ft. cliff. I suspect that we'll never really know the answer. I think of all the times I've been out on the trails on my own and had close calls. Anyway, after burying my Grandpa, Great Aunt, Aunt and now a cousin all in three months time, I'm seriously ready for a break now. Plus there was my other cousin's mother-in-law just last week, although I didn't go to that funeral.

The rest of the week looks pretty calm, I think. The elections should be fun next week. That'll make 2 4-day work-weeks in a row! Not that the 13+ hour day working the polls is much of a break. Ugh, I have a lot to do today. Best get to it.

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Ruedi and Whitney said...

did you survive election day?!?!