Saturday, November 10, 2012

Yes, I did survive the election. Yes, I do accept books with pictures ;)

In fact, this book had stickers in the back of it, so that's almost like having pictures. "Smokin' Seventeen" was published by Evanovich in 2011. So now I have 2 more Plum books to read before the new one (#19) comes out on the 20th. Since I probably won't run to the store to buy it, I reckon I'll be THREE books behind then. Dunno where I'll find #13, and I'll have to ask Patty if she has #18. You'll recall that I was complaining about the lack of sex in the last couple books in this series, and Ms. Evanovich must've heard me, 'cause this one was back to its sexy ways.

Speaking of Evanovich books, I am still a little perturbed about losing mom's copy of #1. I loaned it to an unreliable co-worker who has since moved on to a new reality where hopefully she's not getting paid to play on Facebook. What can ya do.

So things around here have been mostly busy. Work has definitely been busy, and I'm about to get started on the Saturday edition of it. I got to go camping with the parents last weekend. We did a little fishing, and we lost 4 lures in the process of catching 3 fish. Then I found out that I have the wrong person's fishing license in my wallet. I got it last Saturday, and Jim said "It printed a little crooked" and I said "Oh, that's fine," and when I finally looked at it 3 days later, I noticed that it has an eight-year old's name on it. Her daddy just happened to be present at the time and confirmed that he bought her license around the same time on Saturday, and he said that she'd already shot a deer over the weekend! An eight-year old! It made me question my own childhood for a minute. Although, I did go hunting with dad at least twice. I remember freezing and sleeping. The other time it was dove hunting, which was also my first time to discharge a 12-gauge, and I was a bit too small at the time for that kind of fun. I'm happy to leave the hunting to the men-folk. But I gotta run down to the hardware store sometime today and get my fishing license straightened out.

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