Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hello, kids. How's it been with you? Things have stayed busy and steady around here. As for this month, I went camping at the Grasslands (<--- picture) with the parents the first weekend. Then came the elections which were busy, but we had a smaller turn-out than for the last presidential election. I'm pretty sure the population hasn't shrunk, so I have to assume that it's either apathy or perhaps folks understand the electoral college enough to realize that their vote doesn't really count for much. Either way, I hate to see that number going down. Let's see...I can't really remember the weekend of the 10th, but the weekend of the 17th was the Thanksgiving picnic with the church. I normally try to avoid it, but I felt like going this year. And Thanksgiving itself was nice. We went to my Uncle Dennis' house. It gave me a reason to finally bake something in my new oven. I made cornbread muffins. I reckon it's high time I used that appliance since I've been here 8 months now. I thought they were a success. And then over the weekend I did the Christmas parade with my dad.

So, yeah, that's pretty much all of the excitement. The bossman has been out this week 'cause he had his other hip replaced, so I've been in charge of things. Assignments have been fairly tame, but there always seems to be a looming pile of work that I will never get caught up on. I should prolly work this weekend, but I told Melanie that I'd come over and do the Bowie Christmas parade. Plus it's mom's birthday on Friday with her party on Sunday. We're just doing breakfast at Docs. You can come if you want - 9am. This means that my birthday will be here soon, too. Ahh, a Saturday this year! Nice.

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