Sunday, December 23, 2012

Whitney sent me "L is for Lone Star" by Carol Crane, and I read it the same day that I got it. That must've been Friday evening. It's a lovely book and is full of Texas pride. The book came with happy birthday wishes, and I can report that I did have a pretty good birthday. I got to be lazy all morning, and then I went over to the parents' house for chili and cake and a few presents. The biggest present was a Garmin for driving. They just aren't really made for geocaching, though. Later in the evening we went to NCTC to watch the planetarium's presentation of "Mystery of the Christmas Star". Then we went Babe's in Sanger for some serious soul food. I even let the waitresses sing happy birthday to me while I wore the chicken hat and flapped my arms - chicken style. Mine was the 5th birthday they had to sing for since we got there, so it must be a popular birthday day. I noticed that Katrina's dad's birthday was also 12/22. He died a couple days ago, so maybe I will use my Garmin to find the funeral home in Rowlett on Wednesday. Until then, I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

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Prairie said...

Happy late birthday! I've got your presents; now if I can just get to north Texas to delivery them. :)