Monday, August 11, 2014

I am pretty sure that I skipped a book review prior to this one, but I guess I sort of thought I'd never have time to read again, and somehow I have found a little. So I borrowed "The Help" from Nancy when I was taking care of her killer cat, Dixie. Of course I saw the movie when it came out a couple of years ago, so I was already very familiar with the story. And my opinion is that the movie was better; however, it's a close call. The funny thing about the book is that I found myself thinking and speaking in Ebonics because of the way it is written! As far as racism goes and the issues presented in the book, the book beats the movie on that count because I had more time to really get a feel for the characters instead of just being entertained by the humor on the screen.

It's been close to a year since I've posted here. Yup, my 9 year anniversary at Padic will be here in... well, on September 25. So that's still a ways away. I can't say that much else has changed in my life since the last posting. Oh, wait... I have lost 25.4 lbs since the last time that I posted! That should count for something. Is that because I haven't been reading any books and have been out walking instead?? It's the magazines that keep me from reading the books, and I don't like it AT ALL. Who needs all that Current Events crap? I will try to do better. Be more balanced. Balancing is easier when you are 25 lbs lighter.

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Whitney said...

You should listen to The Help on audio. It is quite wonderful. Members of the cast narrate.

Sorry for the radio silence! I'm back and badder than ever.