Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So I dun did figure out which book I neglected to review. "Catching Fire" a/k/a "Hunger Games II" was written by Suzanne Collins. I got this book up in Lawton, OK, when we were up there for mom's birthday trip back in November last year. I guess we went to see the movie that same weekend. So once again I watched the movie before reading the book...probably...I can't remember!! While the first movie installment stuck pretty closely to the book, this one didn't as much. But I do think my opinion has changed some to where I am more into the whole thing than I was back in 2012 when the first one came out. Not that I can do a very good review 8 months after the fact... But I feel like the hole has been closed - the mystery has been solved - I haven't let down my readers after all! And, since I'm basically the only reader at this point, I do know how much they [the reader(s)] care ;)

So it's just another day at work...pretty slow. The W.W. meeting told me I gained 2.2 lbs yesterday, so that's not-so-very encouraging. It was also not-so-very encouraging when I did the math - I have lost 51.6 lbs but am still 56.4 lbs away from my goal. Which means I'm not even halfway there. SIGH. But I guess that's the next little goal on the way to the big goal - 4.8 lbs until the half-way point. Yes, 4.8 seems a lot more do-able than 50+ more.

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