Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dorthy loaned me this book, "The Power of a Whisper: Hearing God. Having the Guts to Respond." by Bill Hybels (2010) about a month ago. It's a concept that I'm not too comfortable with, actually. When I hear someone talking about how God has been telling them what to do, I am always brought back to a time in my life where I ran into a woman whose every-other comment was, "God told me to do" such-and-such. It was around 2006, I reckon, and I met this woman at the church in Denton that I was going to at the time. She lived in Gainesville, so someone suggested that we make the drive together. In my view, she was a nut. I mean, I know that sounds very harsh, but it was obvious to me that God was not telling her who to talk to and what to say and where to go and do... And I remember listening closely because I really wanted to figure out her motivation for speaking that way. Was she just trying to sound holy? Did she really BELIEVE all this stuff that she was saying? Was she just mentally not-quite-right? Well, I never did figure it out. She believed that God was telling her to fix up the old school building in Gainesville - the one on the 800 Block of Lindsay Street - to put in some sort of after-school program for kids. 10 years later, that building is long gone, and there are houses going up on that block. And when I walk by that area, I shake my head and wonder what ever became of that woman. But, like I said, I never reached a conclusion about her motivations. Is it possible that God really was telling her to make that effort (which failed) to turn that dilapidated building into something good for the community? I mean, I'll give her one thing, she definitely made a difference in my life with her obedience to [what she perceived to be] God's whispers. I couldn't tell you her name, and I'm still pretty sure that she was about 90% crazy, but I also can't deny that the other 110% was gung-ho about finding God and doing His will.

It's possible that I should have read this book many years ago before I encountered Ms. God-Told-Me-To-X-Y-Z. But God's timing is perfect, so if it happened this way, then that means it was God's will. I can't name a time when I heard a whisper from God. I do believe that I have heard from God through other people plenty of times. Mr. Hybels doesn't address that sort of thing in his book. His focus was on those silent promptings in your heart. And it's possible that I turned a deaf ear to those little whispers after I met She-Who-Hears-from-God-about-What-to-Have-for-Breakfast. :) Maybe it's time that I open my heart again. Maybe God has something to say to me. Maybe.

2017 has started off alright for me, I reckon. I still have the same job (11 years) and the same house (5 years). I am starting my 2nd year as President of the Saint Jo Riding Club, and I am muddling through my first year as President of the Cooke County Republican Women. I just got asked yesterday to be on the committee for the LeTU Athletic Hall of Fame, so it seems that I might be taking over the world!! (Thanks, Brain...and Pinky.) No, but seriously, I recognize daily that I couldn't be doing these things without God. And when I start to feel inadequate, I try to remember that God is the one who put me in these leadership positions. I certainly didn't chase after them, and I would run away if I could (I guess that's always an option). But I feel like where I am right now is where God wants me to be, and that in itself has to be a lot like hearing a whisper from God! I hope that I will lose my spiritual deafness that has come from my skepticism and from my fear of sounding like you-know-who. God didn't tell me to write this post. God didn't tell me what to say. But I hope that He will be pleased with it. To God be the glory.

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