Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Nancy passed this book on to me. "Bright Lights, Big Ass: A Self-Indulgent, Surly Ex-Sorority girl's guide to Why It Often Sucks in the City, or Who Are These Idiots and Why Do They All Live Next Door to Me?" by Jen Lancaster is, in her own words on the cover, "yet ANOTHER memoir". I don't guess I've had the opportunity to read many memoirs. It's not exactly an autobiography. I never actually considered the difference before this moment. To me, it's just ramblings about Jen herself, and I wasn't terribly thrilled with it. Now, if she was someone that I'd bumped into at the gym, and I could say, "Hey, I know that person!" then maybe the book would be more fun for me. Or maybe if I had more experience with life in the city, I could relate to some of her complaining. I see that she's written 12 books. I hope that some of them are actually ABOUT something... But there was one point in the book (published in 2007) which was as true then as it is today. From Pages 96-99:

...Anyway, when I got to the office at my temp job, I started listening to talk radio and I heard all kinds of assorted foolishness. Apparently there's a movement calling for the Blue States to secede from the Red States to better reflect the nations political leanings. ...Anyway, after I returned from lunch, I heard how suicide hotlines and Canadian immigration officials have been inundated by those wanting to escape Bush's second term. Mental health professionals all over the country are working overtime to counsel those of you despondent over the election results. Apparently people are seeking postelection therapy in droves. ...You've had plenty of time to feel your feelings. Now it's time to organize. Get off your therapists' couches and use your pent-up energy to gather the kind of information that will change minds and perceptions. If you hate the elected officials presiding over you, then it's your duty as an American to make sure we never get stuck with them again. ...So leather up, you nancy boys and girls, and get busy. P.S. If I could endure the fraternity party otherwise known as the Clinton administration, you can deal with President Churchy McJesus

Yup. Sounds like today. Speaking of political things, tomorrow is the 2nd meeting of the Cooke County Republican Women's club with me as president. My first VP and my second VP both can't be there. What's up with that?!? Where's the dedication? Just kidding. I know that they all care way more than me. You should come to a meeting sometime - First Thursday of the Month at 7:00 PM at the First Christian Church in Gainesville (except for July & August...and April this year because of Legislative Day in Austin). There is always FOOD!! Or you can just LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. I plan to start periodically streaming our speakers on the Facebook. They say we're supposed to be using these Information Age tools. Being tech-savvy may be the only thing that I have to contribute to the CCRW on account of I ain't no big donor, and I ain't no passionate speaker, and I ain't no social butterfly, and my knowledge of the government is, well, IMPROVING. And that's pretty much why I joined the club in the first place. I'm not crazy enough to think that I can make much of a difference, but it's usually fun to learn new things. And let's not forget - those women can COOK!! Hey, it turns out that I DO have something in common with Jen Lancaster - our appreciation of FOOD!

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