Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Hell's Best Kept Secret" was written by Ray Comfort in 1989. Ray, along with Kirk Cameron, founded the Way of the Master radio program. If you've never heard the radio show, it's worth listening to at least once. You can hear the most recent show streaming here. Each show is 2 hours, but I won't make you listen to the whole thing. Anyhow, the book is very much like the radio show, so it wasn't much new material for me. Sometimes it's more helpful to see stuff in print, I guess. The point of the book is to convince the Christian that the law must be preached before the Gospel will make any sense. I guess that because I grew up in a church where the law is so emphasized, I can't even comprehend how to understand it any other way. Of course, anyone can understand the thought process which makes a person think that good people make it to heaven. The trouble with that is that none of us is good. That's the whole point behind the whole "Jesus thing". As long as we think we're good enough, we don't need Him at all. I obviously agree with the content of this book, but I still can't understand how people can be so ignorant of the law.

There seems to be a theme with my posting lately, yes? Don't worry (to those of you who might be worried), my next read will not be a theological-type deal. I'm mostly referring to my "book review" theme. Well, that's because I've just got not much to talk about. Last Saturday mom & I went to Big Mineral at Texoma with the horses. You can see pictures here. I'm hoping that we can take them to Lake Murray this Saturday. The weekend after that, the 20th, perhaps we'll finally do a playday. It's the last one of the season. The weekend of the 27th I'll be in Spokane, WA, visiting the Swanbom. Then the following weekend of October 4th, I'll be in Colorado Springs, CO, visiting the Pohls with Megan. The parents will be coming along for that one, too. So, yes, I'm sort of keeping busy. I'll let you know how the Weight Watching is going when I finally meet my first goal. It's not going bad, it's just moving slowly, which is the healthy way, and they say it builds character to have delayed gratification. I don't like delayed gratification. That's why I heart microwaves.

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