Sunday, September 14, 2008

It Came As a Vision"It Came As a Vision: The Story of the Founding of Seven German Catholic Colonies by the Flusche Brothers" was written in 1989 by John Hartman. It tells the story of the 6 Flusche brothers, concentrating on the 3 who worked to begin 7 German Catholic colonies in the States. My favorite part was when Wilhelm's second wife Augusta came over from Germany. Wilhelm wasn't able to care for his children due to the death of his first wife and the loss of one of his eyes due to typhoid fever, so he sent a letter from Iowa to his priest back in Attendorn, Germany, asking for some guidance. The priest gave the letter to Augusta, and it was arranged that she and Wilhelm would be married.
Wilhelm and Augusta corresponded with one another for some time, and eventually it was arranged for Augusta to come to America to marry Wilhelm. When Augusta first caught sight of Wilhelm at the train station, she began to cry. Wilhelm had gone to Milwaukee to have a glass eye made for his eye damaged by typhoid fever, but it gave him an unusual appearance at first sight. Wilhelm was also twenty-one years older than Augusta. The couple were married at the church of Saint Boniface [Westphalia, IA] on October 29, 1885. Augusta grew to love Wilhelm as he was a hardworking man, intelligent, religious and devoted to his family. (Page 59)
Hee-hee! How about THAT for a story. "When I first met your father, I cried 'cause he was so old and scary-looking!" Too funny! Anyway, Muenster was one of those 7 colonies organized by the Flusche Brothers. It was interesting to see how they just sort of fell into the organizing of the first community, and then they decided to do a second one. After that, people came to them for leadership in other colonization efforts. I'm not related to the Flusches at all, but the Wiesmans were mentioned in the book for being 2 of the 3 first colonists to arrive in Muenster. Joseph Bernard Wiesman (1861-1936) from Westphalia, Germany, was my great-great grandfather. He was one of those 3 along with Theodore Wiesman and G. Koll. So, there's some more family history for you.

Well, Ike was pretty tame up here. We did get lots of steady rain and a little wind, but there was no storm left to it. Only a week and a half 'til I'm outta here for awhile. I keep telling myself that, if other people can fly alone, then I should be able to do it, too, but I'm not convinced yet.

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