Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saddle Pals"Saddle Pals: Memories of favorite horses shared by readers of Country and Farm & Ranch Living" was put together by Jerry Wiebel in 2000. It is a collection of horse stories with color photographs of many of those horses. I thought it was better than the Chicken Soup horsey book. I guess that's because the stories are more entertaining and less emotional in this book. The only story that almost got some tears was the last one, where the lady finds her old horse back after many years and several different owners. Boy, if I could share all my "Saddle Pals" stories...I guess I'd start with Velvet, because I don't really remember Cherokee. I got Velvet from my parents for my 5th birthday. I was handed a large garbage bag as a present. I opened it and saw the saddle blanket first. I had no clue what that could possibly be. I guess somehow the other kids caught on before I did, 'cause some of them started running out the front door. My new pony was in the trailer that was parked out front. I remember being SOO angry that everyone else got to see my pony before I did. Nah, I wasn't spoiled ;)

I think I might have partial hearing damage after diving down too deep yesterday for a cache. And I couldn't even find it! But it was a fun adventure. The Tigers have lost their last 2 games, so that is sad. The last one was a very good one against Era. They had a sign up that said "skin the tigers". I dunno, that just seems kinda violent. I mean, "swat the hornets" seems more humane. How would they feel if we had a sign that said "pluck the wings off the hornets"? They could stomp us or sting us or beat us, but SKIN us?? Ouch. So much violence. Speaking of violence, don't forget the Life Chain coming up on Sunday, October 5. There are somewhere between 3,500 to 4,000 abortions per day in the United States. I'm sure they're not counting the ones that occur when the mother takes her next birth control pill, and the child is flushed out. Considering the number of people that I know of on birth control, I think the number per day might be bumped up to about 6,000 abortions per day. What, Sarah, you can't be against abortions AND birth control! Birth control prevents abortions! Just keep telling yourself that. It's a good time to be in Colorado.

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